E.Shine Aqua Beauty 105W LED Light

E.Shine Aqua Beauty 105W LED Light

Product Code : ESSAB105W


AquaBeauty 105w

LED Aquarium Light

ESUN 5G - AquaBeauty Series - LED Aquarium Light

AquaBeauty Series is special for corals like SPS, LPS in marine reef mini-tanks. LED aquarium lights are really worthy to choose now, they save much energy (50%-80%), much more efficient with high PAR reading.

AquaBeauty controller is a programmable controller which can exactly simulate the sunrise and sunset. Light intensity can be set any value from 0% to 100%, time can be set from 0-24 hours. It is with an easy-setting board, you just need 1-2 minutes to set all the programs with Manual mode, or to run the Auto mode with default settings directly. With the screen, you can clearly see the time, intensity and lighting temperature.

LED Aquarium Light

Design & Environment

  • Program Lighting Control
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Simulate sunrise and sunset
  • DC 24~15V output to ensure safety operation
  • Runs cool, no heat exhaust needed
  • No glue assembly, high quality and easy maintain
  • Highly recyclable enclosure
  • Have no mercury and other harmful heavy metal
LED Grow Light

AquaBeauty Features

1. Case - Whole white acrylic case, lighter weight, more beautiful looks and better insulation
2. Bracket - Adjustable acrylic mounting bracket matches up the fixture perfectly to top grade
3. LEDs - Newest unique 7-bands spectrums with CREE XTE, XPE and Osram 410nm Violet LEDs
4. Power supply - all UL approval power supply with DC output voltage
5. Channel - work with controller to simulate sunrise & sunset based on 2 channels:
A. Cool white, Warm white, Blue, Green, Red and Violet
B. Royal blue
6. Operation - two operation ways: remote controller and panel key-press
7. Setting - two setting modes: Manual mode with customization and Auto mode with default
8. Installation - easy installation with adjustable acrylic bracket and hang kits
9. Warranty - one year full warranty

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