• ANS HydroLamp 120-6 (T5HO54 x 6) 120cm

ANS HydroLamp 120-6 (T5HO54 x 6) 120cm

Product Code : A22002


ANS HydroLamp 

Hydro lamp is design for hydroponics, aquarium, reef usage. It utilized the current reliable T5HO technology.

Each T5HO tubes has individual reflector to maximize intensity of light. Sleek and slim in design allows fixture to be easily fixed to most setup. Individual tube can easily change to be use for different situation.

There will be clumsy wires or external ballast as all parts are fixed into the lamp fixture. Furthermore, Hydro Lamp external fixture is made of non corrosive powder coated aluminum, which will withstand moisture and harsh heat.

Model Name T5HO Total watts Dimensions LxWxH(cm) For Tank Size
22000 HydroLamp 60-4 24w x4 96 60x37x4.5  60cm/2ft
22001 HydroLamp 90-4 39w x4 156 90x37x4.5  90cm/3ft
22002 HydroLamp 120-6 54w x6 324 120x50x4.5  120cm/4ft
22005 HydroLamp 120-8 (special) 54w x8 432 120x63x4.5  120cm/4ft
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