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We have relocated  to 03-K02

Visit us @ The Centre Point 03-K02

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  orchard aquarium   orchard aquarium  The Centrepoint orchard Aquarium  

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AMB AquaPet HUB | 

AMB Aquatic HUB as aquarium & pet retailer has an extensive variety of exotic tropical and marine fish. We are specializing in Custom made and designed tank. Ornaments and accessories we are able to cater most of your needs. Tortoises and hermit Crabs are not to be missed here too.


AMB Aquatichub 

We provide a full range of products and services.

Products include Fresh & Marine fishes, Tortoises, Hermit Crabs are not to be missed here too!

Ornamental Accessories, Motors, Water Pumps, Fish are available.

So come on down and visit us now!



Tel: +65 6835 7584 (The Centre point)



AMB Aquatichub | #03-K02 (The Centre point)

Operating Hours

Contcat us : 6835 7584

*Please refer to our home page for any news on major public hoildays closure (if any).

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