Service & Maintenance


Keeping an aquarium suppose to be pleasure and not pressure, Therefore let all the pressure falls on our professional maintenance team to help you maintain the tank while you just sit and relax enjoy the beauty of the tank.

Our maintenance teams are well trained and will bring the best home, HD effect to your happy fishes.
Our team will say hello to your fish once a month or upon your special request.

How we communicate with the fish :-

  • Wash up the tank
  • Wash up ornament or change if necessary
  • Change water
  • Add supplement to water
  • Check the general condition of the fishes
  • Dress up the tank

What more… 

  • we provide additional service for free changing of ornament (T & C apply) and new set-up every time we visit your aquarium. 
  • During festive season we will provide your fish home a festive decoration all on the house.

Our rates are value for money, do not hesitate drop by our outlet or call now for our maintenance team to assist you.




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