Build and Design

Design & Setting Up

New with no experience in setting up of tank ? Dont know how to maintain it ?

No worry…. drop by AMB outlet our helpful AMBian will assist you. We are able give you valuable advise on keeping the aquarium or if you are too lazy to do the setting up and maintain it… just leave the job to us we will do it for you.


Build & Design of Your Dream Tank 

We have a group of project team to build and design your dream tank. Our project advisor will be able to assist and advise you on the practicability on your dream tank and the system to use.

Our material use to construct the tank are clear glass so that you can see your fishes clearly and carpentry work are quality. Further more the silicon use to hold the tank are from Germany.

We provide you with a 5 years warranty for the tank against leakage.

Feel free to visit our outlet, for our friendly retail assistance will be able to assist you on the show case or call us for a quote or onsite viewing.




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